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Local to Global
Uniting Communities


Iron Age to Space Age

Making local history available to the WORLD
How people, inventions and events in your area have influenced you and the rest of the world.
Be a part of your community by supporting it.

Citys-online bringing the world to
Your doorstep
Details about an exciting new project, which is about to be launched in the WMDC area and Yorkshire then the rest of the UK.

Citys-online will be actively encouraging and supporting community group's, individuals and schools to share knowledge and to participate in promoting their area to a world wide audience.
Its a fact that something which has happened in one area is not generally known outside that community indeed if it happened too long ago then it is only a limited number of individuals who are aware of the facts.
We will be highlighting a selection of images and text linking the Iron Age Chariot found at Ferrybridge to visits by Buzz Aldrin and Alan Bean to a Pontefract school, plus photographic views of the countryside and the latest images of The Hepworth Wakefield which will be updated as the building work progresses, background music on the website which will showcase choirs, bands, musical groups from our area.

We will be supplying FREE civic gifts to the Mayors office in the format of a DVD disc which will have a selection of images on it, also bespoke handmade cards which will have an instantly recognisable image on the front, and some appropriate text inside including the recipients name, we are able to announce that the Mayor has agreed to present a card and DVD to all the people he/she meets during their term of office.

Please Note:
No products or images will be offered for sale
or allowed to be sold.

As lots of the images will be of educational interest, there will be appropriate text and links to further sources of information to accompany the images which will be made freely available to all schools, who will be asked to submit items of interest that has happened at their school or to old scholars.

We are delighted to announce that The Hepworth Wakefield, will be supporting the project by allowing us to use images of the new gallery, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and Wakefield Countryside Conservation plus many more group's have also made available to us wonderful images which will of course give the project high profile coverage both local and internationally.

To contact Citys-Online
email: info@citys-online.com


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